Preparing for a Level Test/Level Up Test/GoLive! Session

Steps before you have a call with a teacher.

Step 1: Checking the audio

You can call Skype Test Call (echo123) and check the voice. Look for it in your Skype contact list at the left side of the app. Please click here for more information.



Sound settings on Skype

How to solve an issue on audio


You may also check the following:

     - Make sure you plugged in your headset’s mic plug and audio plug to the right jacks.

     - Check your audio setting and make sure you are not on mute.


- Go to Control Panel  > Hardware and SoundAudio and make sure your mic and audio are not off.

- On Skype, Go to ToolsSettingsAudio Settings, and make sure the audio is set to the volume that you can hear without problems


- Go to System Preferences > Sound > Input and make sure the microphone is responding to your voice

- On Skype, Go to Conversations and adjust the audio volume by clicking on Increase Volume or Decrease Volume.

If you encounter problems on your mic or speaker, please kindly plug them into a different PC to see if it works fine.

Step 2: Checking if I’m ready

Open the Skype application.

Check if the icon next to your Skype name  is in green (). If not, click the icon to go online.

You are going to receive a contact request from a teacher. Just accept the contact request so that teachers can call you.

Upon accepting the request, you should see the teacher’s name on your contact list. The name should begin with “EnglishCentral Teacher~”.

If you don’t receive the contact request five minutes after your reservation, please contact us.


changing the logging in status